Project Management — Advertising and Marketing

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Experienced at hands-on project management, including working with clients, creative and technical staff, and outside service providers. I understand the importance of thoughtful, informed planning and clear communication … and I know how to develop and manage a campaign that works.

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Not-for-Profit Prowess

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My experience with not-for-profit organizations includes active participation on several boards, marketing to constituents, fundraising, newsletter and magazine publication, working as a docent, and conducting field work.

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Book Development

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Need help getting your book out? I’ve written and edited books, self-published on Lulu and Blurb, and e-published on Smashwords. I can help you choose the most appropriate ways to get your book in front of the reading public.

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Mobile Applications

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I’ve researched, written, edited, project-managed, and marketed mobile applications, and taught others to do the same.

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Educational Travel Know-How

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My experience in educational travel includes managing a marketing department for a tour operator, marketing travel experiences, freelance consulting, and serving as an adviser for conference developers.

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Content Development and Management

Award-winning writer and experienced managing editor with demonstrated ability to produce high-quality articles, books, collateral materials, and Web-based content. Master’s degree in online education.

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High Tech Success

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I’ve produced customer acquisition and retention campaigns, sold software, managed new product introductions, developed Web-based content, acquired new and renewal subscriptions, and provided strategic recommendations for leading high-tech companies.

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Financial Services Finesse

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I have worked with top financial institutions on acquisitions / conversions, new product launches, product sales, account activations, retention campaigns, and / or strategic planning. Products include IRAs, payroll processing services, home equity loans and lines of credit, I-shares, bank cards, small business products, and personal banker accounts.

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Change Management

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I have made senior-level contributions at companies that are managing significant change: start-ups, turnarounds, stall-outs, and new product launches.

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Management Experience

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I have managed departments of 3 to 15 employees, including recruiting, hiring/firing, training, coaching, supervising, motivating, and reviewing performance. I developed strong planning, problem-solving, and prioritization skills in management positions at High Country Passage, Cohn & Wells, Directworks, and EuroRSCG Worldwide.

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