Project Management — Advertising and Marketing

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Experienced at hands-on project management, including working with clients, creative and technical staff, and outside service providers. I understand the importance of thoughtful, informed planning and clear communication … and I know how to develop and manage a campaign that works.

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Not-for-Profit Prowess

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My experience with not-for-profit organizations includes active participation on several boards, marketing to constituents, fundraising, newsletter and magazine publication, working as a docent, and conducting field work.

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Website Development

All the websites I develop now are in WordPress, because it allows me to create sites that non-techie people can manage and update on their own, without needing to learn html or hire a webmaster. Besides that, WordPress offers built-in search engine optimization and content management functionality.

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Using a Newsletter to Build Business

Case History: A company newsletter can help build business, even if you’re a small company or an individual entrepreneur. Here’s how I helped develop one client’s e-newsletter; you might want to try something similar for yourself.

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Book Development

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Need help getting your book out? I’ve written and edited books, self-published on Lulu and Blurb, and e-published on Smashwords. I can help you choose the most appropriate ways to get your book in front of the reading public.

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Mobile Applications

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I’ve researched, written, edited, project-managed, and marketed mobile applications, and taught others to do the same.

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Capital Campaign for the San Francisco Zoo

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Case History: Learn how we raised more than $24,000,000 for the San Francisco Zoo’s Capital Campaign in just over three months.

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Customer Retention for Telecom Australia

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Case History: Australia’s state-run telephone company faced stiff competition from multinational telecoms when Australia deregulated its telecommunications services. Learn how we retained 33% more customers than anticipated in an aggressive marketing plan.

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Strategic Business Development

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I love building business. My experience spans multiple industries, including financial services, high tech, telecommunications, and travel, and includes a wide variety of successful B2B and consumer marketing programs. Here are some examples …

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Educational Travel Know-How

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My experience in educational travel includes managing a marketing department for a tour operator, marketing travel experiences, freelance consulting, and serving as an adviser for conference developers.

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