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WordPress “State of the Word”

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Matt Mullenweg’s “State of the Word” address at the 2011 WordCamp in San Francisco. Some of Matt’s points: Ease of use continues to be the big draw for WordPress developers and users. Community is the second-most appreciated benefit. 92% of WordPress users use it as a CMS. 14.7% of all websites are built on WordPress. […]

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A Simple WordPress Glossary

From archives and blogrolls to web presence and widgets — if you’re just getting started with blogging, the terminology can be intimidating. Here’s a blogging glossary to help demystify technical jargon.

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7 Reasons Every Blogger Needs an Editorial Calendar

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Learn how an editorial calendar can improve your blogging, increase reader loyalty, and make your life easier.

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Choosing a WordPress Theme

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How to choose a WordPress theme. Understanding pages, posts, and categories. Types of themes. Customizing themes. Terminology. Where to look, what to look for. How much does it cost?

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Plug-Ins I Like to Use

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Every site is different: some need event calendars, advanced image management, or flexible forms formatting. But some functionality is useful for just about every site. Here are basic plug-ins I use for many of the WordPress sites I develop.

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WordPress Training for New Users

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New users don’t get the benefit of WordPress—you can easily update it yourself—if they don’t know how the software works, so I usually include an hour of hands-on WordPress orientation and training along with the website. I just finished working with a newbie—she was familiar with online editing, but that’s about all. Here’s what we […]

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