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Mobile Applications

App Development: I’ve researched, written, edited, project-managed, and marketed mobile apps, first for the Mitch Waite Group (iBird publisher), and then for myself (the San Fran Waterfront mobile app) with co-developer Suzie Rodriguez.

App Marketing: For the San Francisco Waterfront app, I built a companion website and ran a six-month San Francisco Waterfront Challenge promotion designed to draw attention to the waterfront, encourage people to visit the waterfront, and increase sales of the app.

Teaching Others: I co-taught “App Happy,” a one-day class about developing and marketing mobile applications, covering:

  • What makes a good app
  • What makes an app sell
  • Developing content
  • Sourcing images
  • Financials
  • 25 things to do before you launch
  • 5 essential tools for marketing your app
  • Writing an effective press release
  • 7 strategies for increasing your income

Here’s a review of the class from student Dick Jordan.

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