Using a Newsletter to Build Business

Likoma’s client, The Queen of QuickBooks, had identified small businesses that needed help with accounting but were not quite ready to make to move to take a class, hire a bookkeeper, or set up an integrated accounting system.

An e-newsletter is the perfect solution for maintaining contact with potential clients who will need your expertise at some (as yet undetermined) future time. It provides a vehicle for ongoing communications and keeps your company and services top-of-mind.

I worked with The Queen of QuickBooks to update the website and jumpstart the Queen’s e-newsletter. We made the monthly e-newsletter process easy by:

  • Creating a template in Vertical Response.
  • Uploading the existing e-mail list.
  • Recommending a communications strategy (give away useful information, time topics to fit clients’ seasonal needs, link to informative white papers on the website, include humor to lighten a technical subject).
  • Helping the client develop an editorial calendar, so she could plan a variety of topics for her monthly communications and time them appropriately.
  • Assisting with copywriting and project management for the first few newsletters, until the client got the hang of doing it herself.
  • Teaching the client to upload and send the newsletters in Vertical Response herself, so she had flexibility and low cost.
  • Uploading copies of past newsletters to the client’s website, to encourage site visitors to sign up for the free newsletter.
  • Revising the site layout, so the free newsletter signup button was more prominent.
  • Providing ongoing technical, editorial, and strategic support on an as-needed basis, so the client had complete control over costs but could still get the job done.

The Queen of QuickBooks’ e-newsletter and website work synergistically to showcase the company’s expertise. The company’s web traffic and e-mail list have increased. And the Queen of QuickBooks herself is positioned as an expert in streamlining accounting systems and using accounting information make smart business decisions.

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