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Capital Campaign for the San Francisco Zoo

Raised $24,000,000.00+

Circumstances beyond the Zoo’s control delayed voter-approved construction for several years, during which time costs increased substantially. The Zoo needed to raise millions of dollars quickly in order to avoid falling even further behind in construction of the “New Zoo.”

We developed a multi-piece mailing, which was supplemented with personal phone calls from Zoo board members. The upscale brochure:

  • Included a map and architectural renderings of the “New Zoo” to help create a sense of immediacy, even though construction had not yet begun.
  • Emphasized the personal connection people feel with the Zoo, and the ways in which it affects individuals.
  • Offered opportunities for permanent recognition (such as personalized plaques) for high-value donors.

Tangible results:

The capital campaign raised more than $24,000,000 for the San Francisco Zoo in only a few months.

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