WordPress Training for New Users

New users don’t get the benefit of WordPress—you can easily update it yourself—if they don’t know how the software works, so I usually include an hour of hands-on WordPress orientation and training along with the website. I just finished working with a newbie—she was familiar with online editing, but that’s about all. Here’s what we were able to cover in an hour:

  • Logging on
  • Creating a new user profile
  • The difference between pages and posts
  • Categories
  • How to create and edit a page
  • How to create and edit a post
  • The “Visit Site” and “Edit Post” buttons
  • “Draft” and “Publish” status
  • Pre- and post-dating entries
  • How to upload a photo, adjust the size, add vertical and horizontal space around it, add a caption, and right- or left-justify the image.
  • How to add a link
  • Using blogrolls

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